Gang Rape

You’d think we’d all agree that  it’s bad.  Surely it’s only in those backward Islamic states that victims of gang rape get punished and disbelieved.  At least, nobody from America, the Land of the Free, would imprison an employee who was gang-raped by co-workers and deny her food and water for 24 hours. And no Australian judge would claim that a 10-year- old “probably” agreed to have sex with nine men.  OK, maybe they would, but surely the *prosecution* wouldn’t have pushed this line.  Hmm. Guess I was wrong.  (I’ve clicked the categories ‘race’ and ‘class’ because they’re very important to the Australian case.  I don’t know whether they played a role in the other one.)

3 thoughts on “Gang Rape

  1. I like this post. It’s so interesting how America and other “western” countries are so disgusted by the law of Islamic countries and especially how they degrade women. But the examples you give, along with countless other horror stories, shows that the only realy difference between Islamic countries and “Western countries” is that the former’s policies are de jure, the latter de facto.

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