CFP: Embodiment and Identity

Embodiment and Identity: Call for papers

SWIP UK conference hosted by the Centre for Research into Embodied Subjectivity, Philosophy, and the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Hull, May 22–23 2008.

Keynote Speaker: Linda Alcoff

This conference aims to explore the role the body plays in constituting aspects of our individual and social identity. The claim that biology fixes identity has been hotly contested in recent decades, but its apparent abandonment has led to intense theoretical debate over the role of the body in constituting both individual subjectivity and categories of social identity. We will be focusing particularly on gendered, cultural and racial identity, disability and identity, and identities reached by degrees of bodily modification. In each case attention will be paid to the role of social others in constituting the meaning and recognition bestowed on bodily physiognomies. The common assumption that such categories of identity are required for social participation, political agency and constructions of subjectivity, will be subjected to critical scrutiny.

Papers are welcome on any aspect of embodiment and/or identity, (including; “raced” identities, “cultured” bodies, diasporic and transcultural identity, hybridity, disability and the body, trans-sexuality, bodily integrity, body dysmorphia, identity and recognition, materiality and the body, imaginary bodies).

Confirmed Speakers

Linda AlcoffProfessor of Philosophy, Political Science, and Women’s Studies , Syracuse University (website)

Dr. Lois McNaySomerville College, Oxford (website)

Dr Jackie ScullyNewcastle University (website)

Dr. Margrit ShildrickQueens University, Belfast (website)

Dr.Simone GiordanoManchester University (website)


Abstracts should be sent to Stella Gonzalez Arnal by 18 February 2008. Contributors will be informed if their abstracts are accepted by 3 March 2008.

If you wish to discuss possible proposals or other aspects of the conference you can also contact other members of the organising committee: Gill JaggerMinae InaharaKathleen Lennon;  Sue Walsh.


And do note:  Anyone can submit papers to this conference.  Paper-giving SWIP-UK is now open to all