Exercise and Mental Function

Feminist philosophers who feel their careers were slowed down – or at least not accelerated – in comparison to similarly talented men, might want to take steps  to prolonged their productive years.  The evidence is mounting that exercise can play a big role in preserving mental function.

 So if you are tempted to do a New Year’s reassessment of the ways you allocate time to your health, think about including more exercise. 

 There are several things  we now understand about starting and sustaining a successful exercise program.  One big one is that including friends and family can be a huge help.

However, do make sure you all have some prior understanding of direction and goals:

And most of all: Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Exercise and Mental Function

  1. So I was trying to think how I could pass these two videos as relevant to feministphilosophers. This post is not meant to be didactic.

  2. Kitties + anything = successful post

    There’s additionally the directly-related and worrisome link between hypertension and mild cognitive impairment. And people with hypertension, when tossed under an fMRI, will quite clearly show less bloodflow to the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for memory and learning)—regardless of whether they’re also showing behavioral signs of cognitive impairment.

    Oh, oh! On a more fun and reckless note, Alzheimer’s medications such as the racetam class of drugs, ergoloid mesylates, and centrophenoxine have been shown to work on healthy people in the same exact way they work on Alzheimer’s patients (improved memory, cognition speed, etc.). And at least in the United States, they’re completely unregulated. Huzzah!

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