Have you actually seen it?

Some of the responses in comments suggest that people might not actually have seen the “Hillary Crying” video.  I’m putting it up here so you can.  A few things (of many) that strike me:  (1) This is not crying; (2) I’ve seen plenty of male politicians do this without anyone caring; (3) She seems genuinely upset at the disastrous state of things under Bush.  Because of (3), I count myself amongst those who like her better after seeing the video.  (I always liked the visible anger in John Edwards, and have been put off by those who don’t seem upset enough.) So here’s the video, for those who have worried she might really have been losing control.

Here’s Jon Stewart’s wonderful take on it.
And here’s an excellent Tom Toles cartoon, linked to in a comment from Helen Esch.Hillary-Toles

4 thoughts on “Have you actually seen it?

  1. That Gulliani… if you asked him abut sexism he would respond “sept 11 knows no sexism”. Clearly if your talking to Rudy, your talking about planes flying into buildings, its like George “One of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror” Bush…. but worse.

    OMG I hope he doesn’t win.

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