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Taking a break from anxiety over the world’s future if the US gets the next one as wrong… January 13, 2008

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Some skills come easily to some of us and less so to others. In the latter case, the practicing can go on for a very long time.


Annoyed by biased and stupid campaign coverage?

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Here’s a quick and easy way to complain. Particularly annoyed by Chris Matthews calling Hillary Clinton a “she-devil” and her male supporters “castratos in the eunuch chorus”, and saying that “modern women” like Clinton are unacceptable to “Midwest guys”? Go here. A note: the first one of these does discuss racist coverage of Obama, but its focus is mainly on sexism in Clinton coverage, and the second is just about Matthews’ sexism.  If I come across a campaign more focused on racist Obama coverage, I’ll let you know.



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