Women, Work and the Academy

How do discriminatory attitudes and practices get so embedded in the academy that we find ourselves still struggling against them after decades of efforts to eradicate them?  A pamphlet, Women, Work, and the Academy, written by Alison Wylie, Janet R. Jakobsen and Gisela Fosado, brings very recent research to bear on these issues. 

The pamphlet grew out of a conference held at Barnard shortly after Summers infamous remark.  The conference website is also a wonderful resource.  Note the video of the keynote panel and the summaries of presenters’ remarks.

Anyone who wants to understand academic discrimination and think about effective tactics against it should read these resources carefully.


2 thoughts on “Women, Work and the Academy

  1. Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the pamphlet – just click on the ‘contact’ category.

  2. I clicked on it and it took awhile to load, as it’s a large PDF file, but it then worked just fine. Very interesting reading, albeit rather depressing. Thanks.

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