NOT a Sunday Cat Break

Rather, for me at least, a reminder of how didactic the cultural products children see can be.

This is from 1919 and so certainly not part of my childhood.  But it could have been part of my parents’ childhoods and there were enough remnants of Felix around in mine for this to remind me vividly of how much Felix, and his Disney successors, instructed children in the norms and conventions of human adult sexuality in our society. Since they are presented as part of the animal world, they are made to seem inevitably natural.

Or is it just funny? What do you think?

NOTE:  To get the film you need to know there really was a time when “pussy” really meant “kitty cat”.  In some English-speaking countries it apparently no longer does.

2 thoughts on “NOT a Sunday Cat Break

  1. Um . . . dude. I was watching the thing and wondering where the hell it was going the whole time . . . I definitely didn’t expect that. WTF?

  2. The price of straying?
    It’s pretty serious.
    And I was feeling the gendered demands way in advance of the ending.

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