Equal opportunity smearing vs. Post-racism.

We’ve called our readers’ attention to the media treatment of Hillary Clinton as she  has been denigrated in ways feminists at least could easily predict; we tend to be all too aware of the sexist cliches being worked through by the press.

What racist cliches are showing up in opposition to Obama’s campaign?  Or has the United States entered the period of post-racism, as Daniel Shore was considering yesterday on NPR?  Might racial lines at least be getting blurry, as he suggests?

Well maybe, but not always perhaps quite as one might like.  At least one blurring is done by the cliche of the secretative, mysterious, dangerous and dark outsider, a  trope apparently applicable both to Arabs and African Americans.  And so the picture of  the dangerous Obama as the secret Muslim plotting against America from the inside has been seized upon.

An excellent post on a Religion, Philosophy and Ethics course blog draws our attention to the viral email about Obama that is going around and to the conservative US network that appears to helping it along.  Don’t miss their  link to a full report  here.

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