Look at the freedom we’ve brought!

An Afghan journalism student has been sentenced to death for downloading a report on women’s rights. What a fabulous democracy we’ve brought the Afghan people.

The fate of Sayed Pervez Kambaksh has led to domestic and international protests, and deepening concern about erosion of civil liberties in Afghanistan. He was accused of blasphemy after he downloaded a report from a Farsi website which stated that Muslim fundamentalists who claimed the Koran justified the oppression of women had misrepresented the views of the prophet Mohamed.

Mr Kambaksh, 23, distributed the tract to fellow students and teachers at Balkh University with the aim, he said, of provoking a debate on the matter. But a complaint was made against him and he was arrested, tried by religious judges without – say his friends and family – being allowed legal representation and sentenced to death.

The Independent has a petition you can sign here. It’s a petition to the UK foreign office, but anyone can sign it, and non-UK pressure can make a difference.

4 thoughts on “Look at the freedom we’ve brought!

  1. thank you for the Independent link, Jender. Surely we don’t want just to be tourists in viewing these situations. We need to take action.

  2. Thanks for the link. These sorts of things must stop–and it’s so unfortunate that more progress hasn’t been made.

  3. Unfortunately all along only Kabul where President Karzai lives is secure, (in fact they call Karzai the Mayor of Kabul) all the rest of the country has always been in the hands of the warlords. The opium crops get better each year, how many billions did we spend on a place we have hardly made a dent in? If you read the news the past year you can see the bad guys just keep multiplying. Women are treated worse than homeless dogs. If only more organizations could be in there reaching out to children and educating them so the next generation has purpose besides always war and more war.
    If only if only…

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