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The excellent online journal Symposia in Gender, Race and Philosophy has just started a blog. The journal consists of several symposia/year, in which one article is selected for discussion, and 4 symposiasts write commentaries on it, to which the original author then responds. There’s also a forum for online discussion of the symposia. The blog is a very new venture growing out of this, and allowing for a broader-based discussion. Here’s their description:

This blog was introduced as a companion to the Symposia on Gender, Race and Philosophy (SGRP): The SGRP provides opportunities for philosophers and other scholars to discuss current work on race and gender. Through the SGRP, we aim to make feminist philosophy and philosophy of race more visible to academic philosophers and others; to provide a forum for feminists and race theorists to respond rapidly to recent philosophical contributions to their fields; and to provide a forum for sustained and productive conversations between philosophers, feminists and race theorists. The blog provides a context for further discussion of the Symposia and for discussion of related issues. Our goal is to create a community of scholars working on gender and/or race in the context of philosophy. 

So far, there’s a very interesting post about Barack Obama by Robert Gooding-Williams. It argues, intriguingly, that Obama’s campaign is really to a large extent about promoting a new vision of deliberative democracy.

One thought on “Gender, Race and Philosophy: The Blog

  1. To start discussion, first I have to define philosophy, and it is prnciple of vision vision of reality.Now our point is about feminism and racism.Now let us have question, is principle of femenisim and racism lead to knowledge? On account of unphilosophic vision, that is irrational belief, humanitiy is facing problem like feminism or racism. We have to define the problem, like problem of relationship and find out solutations. but feminism and racism is problem, that philosophers should solved with their advance knowledged. One article about, sex and philosophy, is under prepration, and I am sure, my article will provide the solutations to the problem relating feminism and racism. OK? bharat mani

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