Not the usual Sunday Cat Break

With thanks to profbigk for the important reminder:

The song was composed by Yusuf Islam when he was still known as Cat Stevens.  Though it was written in the seventies in his earlier persona, Yusuf Islam sang it for the Nobel Peace Prize awards ceremony in 2006.  That performance can also be seen on youtube, but this one seem to me to be better musically.

It is recorded by Jamal Records , for which YI has done several albums.  Jamal Records links to Small Kindness, which aims

To help the most vulnerable victims of war and conflict, such as orphans, widows, and young girls, by providing direct relief and support with minimum administrational costs, by employing and utilising local staff and infrastructure, being continuously sensitive to the cultural needs of the communities we are serving.

Among its programs are scholarship programs in a number of war-torn countries that seek to give young women job skills.

Yusuf Islam is the chairman of Small Kindness.  Although associated with the UNDP,  it is based in the UK. I’d be grateful for any observations about it that UK readers might have.