9 thoughts on “How It Works

  1. That is just how it happens. I expect this illustrates how salient their gender becomes when there are only a few women in a class.

  2. Could someone deconstruct this in more detail please. I’m not so good at such things really, and some of my friends just don’t get the joke.

  3. It shows different inferences being made when the person making a mistake is male and when they’re female. In the former case, the mistake is taken to show nothing but an individual failure. In the second, it’s taken to show a failure of women in general. I’m pretty sure that I’ve come across studies showing that that this goes on, though I can’t give you references.

  4. Yeah, it’s the same as “Women can’t drive, horrible at math and science, let emotions guide them instead of logic”, it permeates our culture. Though most people (men) won’t admit that they actually believe that, (as that wouldn’t be pc).

  5. “[…]though most people (men) wont admit[…]” How sexist! What’s with the competition? men and women are different incase you haven’t realised. And although generalisations don’t apply to everybody, there are some things women are better at and there are others men are better at (GENERALLY).

  6. men r just insecure.women r better at everything they put their minds to.it is realy irritatiting to c such things

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