Sexual orientation

Is sexual orientation stable and fixed?  Though some religious groups support the idea that gay men can change their orientation, both common understanding and more psychological-scientific views seem to regard it as unlikely to change.

But what if the research supporting this official view was done principally on men while women are difference?  That’s what Lisa M. Diamond argues in Sexual Fluidity:  Understanding Women’s Love and Desire, just published by Harvard University Press.

The initial hypothesis, that women are different and it’s been entirely missed since the objects of subject have been principally men, is depressingly familiar and has been shown true in some very important contexts.   For me the author’s support of the hypothesis lends enough credibility to her view that I want to read the book.  Aside from that, and its quite impressive academic press,  I can’t say more about the book, except that, as Publishers Weekly apparently says, it is sure to be controversial.