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The Bitchcruiser March 14, 2008

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Hey fellas, want to impress the ladies every time you ride down the street? Want to let everyone know that you’ve got a sizeable manhood and you’re definitely getting some? Then the Bitchcruiser is for you! Fashioned from an old bike and a budget-range rubber sex doll, this little beauty is guaranteed to draw admiring glances each and every time you ride ‘her’. (And it sure makes sitting in traffic more fun when you’ve got your man-bits pressed up against a plastic ass.*) What’s more, the Bitchcruiser is fully customisable: leave her bald and naked, or dress her up in a little stripper outfit and wig; perhaps clothe her in a modest frock on Sundays – the choice is yours! But hurry – the ebay auction for the Bitchcruiser (currently a mere snip at $2, 336.04 and with no takers) ends in two days, so get bidding! (Thanks to AC for bringing the lovely Bitchcruiser to our attention.)



* One presumes.


On “Language Rapists” (AKA feminists)

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Geoffrey Pullum of Language Log has written a beautiful response to a stunningly over-the-top rant about the feminists who have taken over the world.  It’s wonderful. I have nothing to add, except to urge you to read it. (And, as a bonus, you’ll get lots of useful facts about the history of English.)



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