Sadie Magazine

Thought it might be nice to have something hopeful about gender and culture after Monkey’s well-justified Rants at the TV…. Reader Josie recently ¬†told us about Sadie Magazine, a new magazine for teenage girls and young women. So I went over to have a look– at first glance, your typical teen girl mag. Lots of pink, an ‘I heart/I hate’ section, a cooking section, etc. A very slightly closer look revealed something much more interesting than that first impression: a rave review of a book about trans teens, a DIY section to go with the cooking section, an article on Cuban women rappers…. And ‘I heart/I hate’ contained an article about the awkwardness of seeking sexual health services in a small town. My feminist grandmother would SO have bought me a subscription to this when I was younger. But wait! It’s even better than that– it’s web-based and free. So tell anyone who might be interested. And they’re also soliciting contributions.