Gender Pay Gap Triples After 30

Some dramatic figures which illustrate phenomena probably already well-known to many readers, from the BBC.

Mr Barber [General Secretary of the UK’s Trade Union Congress] said: “We all expect our wages to increase as our careers progress. But women’s wages start to stagnate as early as their 30s.”Despite girls outperforming boys at school and at university, too many employers are still failing to make use of women’s skills.”The TUC study found that women of all ages earn less than men and that woman are twice as likely as men to be poor…Fawcett’s campaigns officer Kat Banyard said: “At every level in UK workplaces women are being paid less than men.”The paucity of senior flexible roles and the long working hours culture shuts women out of the boardroom and forces then into lower-paid, lower-status jobs when they have children.”

One thing I like about the TUC approach is the way that it highlights both the injustice to women and the loss to employers. Students all too often react to figures like these by insisting that it would be too impractical for employers to accommodate the needs to parents with heavy childcare responsibilities. It’s well worth noting what employers miss out on by not doing so.

Minister for women Harriet Harman said the government planned “tough new measures” in an Equality Bill to be published later this year.

Hope these measures really are both tough and new.(Thanks, Jender-Parents!)