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Sunday feline metaphor for the APA, Pacific Division March 23, 2008

Filed under: cats — annejjacobson @ 5:25 am

Well, this is how it feels.

UPDATE:  Many thanks for the expressions of concern, but it really wasn’t THAT bad.  The kittens are just playing, right?  And some things important and valuable at least to me occurred.  But I had some illuminating discussions about the morphing of sexism in the philosophy community, of which more later.  (And no one worry:  no attributions will be given..) 


4 Responses to “Sunday feline metaphor for the APA, Pacific Division”

  1. Jender Says:

    ‘Again again a cat playing in a box!’– Jender-Son, a big fan of Sunday cat videos.

  2. jj Says:

    All sorts of thanks to Jender-son.

  3. […] fuller description of the APA given here interesting.  Thanks, Sharon, for the reference to the Sunday Cats. […]

  4. […] year the Sunday Cat present a metaphor for the conference here.  This year we have another feline presentation, though it is just a bit ambiguous.  That is, it […]

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