International Assoc of Women Phil in Seoul

Dear Colleagues,You are cordially invited to participate in the thirteenth International Association of Women Philosophers Conference. It will be held in Seoul, Korea from July 27th to 29th, 2008. It would be greatly appreciated if you could inform of the conference to your colleagues and encourage their active participation.The theme of IAPh 2008 is “Multiculturalism and Feminism.” We strongly encourage women scholars’ contribution from diverse cultural and traditional background. Proposal submission due is April 30, 2008. More specific information will be found in the following website.

The Conference will consist of five sessions: plenary session, general session, special session, student session, round tables.l The plenary session consists of key note speeches on “multiculturalism and feminism” by four prominent women philosophers.l The general session is an opportunity in which women philosophers from different backgrounds address and discuss various issues and difficulties which contemporary women are facing.l The special session, prepared by Korean Women’s Development Institute, consists of invited lectures on “women, work, and family.” Invited lecturers from various traditions will enlighten us to identify women’s issues which originate from particular political, cultural, and religious context.l The student session is prepared in order to provide graduate student with the opportunity to present their papers. Those who participate in the students’ session will be provided with free meals and accommodation during the conference.l Round tables are the opportunity in which women philosophers exchange their thoughts and ideas on various issues and challenges against women and share their perspective.

Based on the visions, ideas and opinions obtained throughout the Conference, we shall seek the way to promote women’s condition and bring out better future for women.We sincerely hope that you will join us in making IAPh 2008 conference a success. We look forward to welcoming you to Seoul and to IAPh 2008.Sincerely,Heisook Kim, Ph.D.Dean of Scranton College Prof. of Philosophy, Ewha Womans University Seoul 120-750, Korea 822-3277-6590, 2211 (office)

8211-346-9939 (cell)