A public service

These videos, and similar one from various news shows in the UK yesterday, are just becoming available in the USA and elsewhere, so despite a lack of explicit feminist content, we are sharing them:

And the first installment of the program, with Terry Jones:

Some news papers today are opining that the above video rivals another famous announcement made exactly 51 years ago yesterday:

5 thoughts on “A public service

  1. V. fun, many thanks! A nice break from the endless piles of formed that have totally filled the last week for me.

  2. Jender, Thanks! I was worried it was a bit off topic – well, it is.

    Also, I wondered if you had seen signs of it. The whole thing was extremely well coordinated.

  3. Everyone gets that these videos are April Fool’s jokes??? I got to wondering whether some of our readers were challenged in the ornithology department….

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