I could weep, literally

We’ve commented a number of times about the mysogynistic treatment Hillary Clinton has gotten by so many in the media.  We all know what has been going on, but it still comes as a very unpleasant shock to see these TV spots put together. 

If you can stand to get through the hate-filled speech, you will get some great pictures of HRC. 

14 thoughts on “I could weep, literally

  1. Multiple personality disorder? “It” cries? Nagging wives! Take her behind the barn!

    Thank you for putting up this video. This just shows the sexism so strongly, no one can deny it. I posted something about the misogynistic culture from which Obama comes (out of Harvard Law) and people just want to say, he had nothing to do with the sexist Harvard Law Review that parodied Mary Jo Frug. But actually, he helped create that culture and he is profiting from it.

  2. I watched the video. The sexist language is disgusting. The song at the end is very uplifting. Go Hillary!

  3. That was painful to watch. Whether you like her or not is irrelevant–this campaign has opened up a lot of ugly things in the US on both gender *and* race. And it’s only going to get worse during the national campaign. And if a Democrat wins in November, it’s going to go on and on and on.

    It’s as if the past forty-plus years of change have never even occurred.

  4. Mr Jender, thanks for your comment. There is much to be outraged by, and also puzzled. What was really happening during the 40 years of discourse about equality?

    In fact, some of the most plitically ‘progressive’ blogs have been deeply mysogynistic, so I don’t think this is just about HRC. Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist, was torn to shreds on one major democratic blog, the last time she participated.

    And I’m very worried that what’s going on now with racism is the merest shadow of what we will see if Obama is nominated.

  5. A powerful video – thank you – I just made another donation to Hillary’s campaign – !!!!

  6. Heck, it almost made me donate to her campaign, and I’m an Obama supporter. She has been through hell from the media, and I really don’t know how she’s managed to keep going.

  7. “She has been through hell from the media, and I really don’t know how she’s managed to keep going.”

    Because maybe just maybe she’s the best candidate for the job, and would be voted as such if 1.) two significant states weren’t being blocked from voting for her, and 2.) because she won’t have those states and thus can’t possibly get the popular vote, she won’t get any of her pledged delegates either.

    At least this is what it looked like a few weeks ago after the dust settled in Texas. I’ve stopped following things since then, for exactly the reasons shown in the video: I’m sick of seeing a blatant hate campaign against my candidate.

  8. As a feminist male from Inia, it woud have been a great delight for me if Hillary had made it as a Presidential Candidate for the Democratic party, simply bcause I am aware of the difficulties that women face in men’s world to pursue their ambtions.

    Now that the American people, votig as democrats in the Primaies, have shown that their commitment to shöw that they can rise above the prejudices of race is more important than their past vocal concerns with the gender issues, I must support them all their way, though I may have different ideas because of my experiences that I hadin he context of India .
    USA must elect Obama as the next President to tell the world that American people may be paying taxes for the Pentagon, but they are as human as human beings beings can be any where on the earth or any where else in he niverse.
    Tzhere are rules f the game and Obama has been given the right to take the first step in the real contest.
    Let us all wish, hope and pray that the 2008 election shows that USA stands for what its foundinf fathers had envisaged as a new Utopia for human kind.
    Satya P. Gautam

  9. SPG, thank you very much for your thoughtful comments from a very important perspective. I’m going to link to this comment in a comment on today’s post – “Hillary and Sexism.”

  10. I like and admire Obama very much. But it is a crying shame that this woman lost the campaign. And if anyone is deluded enough to think that this disgusting crap in the media did not influence many people to fear her, hate her,etc. well, I guess nothing can be said to make them feel ashamed.
    She made mistakes, what candidate hasn’t? But who else had to deal with this kind of collective , unabashed vile?

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