The Pulitzer Prize

I’ve objected on this blog a number of times to cliche that men are good at science while women do language and human relations.  I guess this year’s Pulitzer Prize committee doesn’t buy that either.  The winners were announced yesterday; there are no women awardees in the “Letters, Drama and Music” category and three in all the rest.

More research might reveal this year to be anomalous, but I’m not optimistic.

2 thoughts on “The Pulitzer Prize

  1. I picked up my morning Washington Post from my doorway, to see the Post breathlessly congratulating itself on its front page, ha ha!

    I know, it makes me wonder why I subscribe, too.

  2. Hi Kate, the thing is, WaPo looks comparatively like a haven for women. They have two of the three female awardees – in fact, if “Michel” could be woman’s name, they have 3 out of 4.

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