Ending Silences

There are far too many things that don’t get talked about.  Things that need to be talked about– so that we can know they are happening and fight them; or so that when they happen to you, you don’t feel so isolated and alone; or simply because of the human need to talk about important things.  And a lot of these silences involve issues feminists care a lot about. Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting efforts out there to end these silences.

You may have heard, a while ago, about the “I had an abortion” T-shirts.  

Now there are “I was raped” T-shirts.

There is the Document the Silence website, devoted to ending the silence about violence to women of colour. They’re planning an important event on April 30– wear red to show your support. (More details will be posted soon about what else you can do.)

And there’s Exhale, an organisation devoted to providing a safe place where women can talk about their abortion experiences– positive, negative, whatever. (I was interested to learn that it’s not just women who are upset who need this service. It’s also, for example, women who feel relieved but don’t feel that they’re allowed to say that.) They also offer e-cards to send to loved ones having abortions, to help us talk to each other about abortion. Apparently these have been very popular. (I heard about this on Amanda Marcotte’s excellent Reality Check podcast.)