Sunday cat raccoon break

Calypso told us about Dora the adorable raccoon. Sadly, her video and her pictures can’t be copied, but you can see the video here.  If you think raccoons can’t play the piano, you really should have a look.

My sincere apologies if you cannot access the video. 
I think the owner of it regarded it as rude to link to her video without asking permission and has blocked access to it, at least from my machine.  Hopefully she has just blocked my access, but one never knows.  You might take this as a warning about linking to flickr sites, if you ever think of  doing such a thing. There’s a certain working out of strong feelings that can go on with the ‘net. I tend to try to be hyper careful just because of this sort of thing, but I had no idea of the flickr culture, apparently.

10 thoughts on “Sunday cat raccoon break

  1. Nope, can’t access the video. You know, I don’t get that about being offended that someone links to something you put out on the big ol’ internet. If you don’t want your stuff linked to/seen/shared, why post it where anyone can see it? Copying, I can see. Linking, not so much.

  2. Thanks, Annie, for looking. I’m going to try to forget the whole thing. I’d take down the post, but it’s out on the wires, so I thought people would like to know what happened.

  3. Maybe the person who owned the video didn’t realise it was public until you linked to it? Flickr has various privacy settings and they have got confused.

  4. The owner seems to have set it so that pictures and videos can’t be downloaded by causal visitors at least. When I wrote that I was disappointed that I couldn’t download the video, she remarked that I hadn’t paid her the courtesy of making a request and banned me from her entire sight. She apparently took down the video.

    Since she is trying to sell images of the raccoons, I had thought she’d welcome some attention. Clearly not.

  5. Kirsten, You’re right; the video owner may have been unaware of her privacy/publicity settings.

    If she’s trying to sell images of the raccoons, she may not want people downloading her stuff.

    I followed a linkuvalinkuvalinkuvalink once and came upon a small picture of a cat on the owner’s blog. Being a crazy cat lady, I clicked on the picture to make it bigger and so better admire the cat. Instead, I got a picture of someone (the blogger, perhaps?) making a face and giving the finger. I think she didn’t want people copying her pictures. I just wanted to get a better look at her kitty.

  6. no!! The odd thing is that she is aware of them. Before this started she had blocked downloading.

  7. I logged into the flickr, and the video is indeed marked private – so it’s either only visible to her or perhaps to her flickr friends. C’est la vie. There are an infinite number of fascinating cat (and raccoon!) videos and pics out there, so in a sense it’s more her loss if she doesn’t want to show it off. We can all go be overwhelmed by animal intelligence and cuteness elsewhere.

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