3 thoughts on “Sunday cat break

  1. I wonder a bit about this. Unlike domestic cats, raccoons are wild critters. Why are they in this pink hammock, being video’ed? Where is their mother? Have they been separated from her? Does someone have hopes (illusions) of treating them as domestic companions? Is that fair to the raccoons? I don’t think all of the non-human world simply exists for our viewing pleasure.

    Where I live, we have plenty of raccoons. They are very independent, and though more than willing to take advantage of the human species’ vulnerabilities [gardens, garbage, etc.] exhibit no indication of wanting to be adopted by people.

  2. Introvertica, I would have agreed completely until a couple of weeks ago, when I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for/at movies of raccoons. During that adventure I discovered that a lot of people take in abandoned raccoon babies, of which there are way too many, it seems. And some raccoons really want to stay with their foster human parents. In addition, there are now people who breed raccoons to be pets.

    Some people maintain that raccoons are the best of pets, except for potty problems at heated moments.

    The ones in question are said to be fosterlings. I infer from pictures I’ve seen that raccoons tend to be extremely keen on hammocks.

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