Sunday cat-dog-rat family

Thanks to LB for reminding me of this.

There are a number of films on youtube about this group, with some different opinions about where they are.  They most reliable ones have them in Santa Barbara or Venice Beach.  They have a homeless man as their human partner.  You can see him in the link to a video following this one.

I’d avoid the web link at the end of this video, unless you think that the three show a kind of higher consciousness is coming. The human is in a number of videos, such as this one.  The bit about Arizona may be just wrong.

4 thoughts on “Sunday cat-dog-rat family

  1. It’s awfully cute how the cat continues to ride on the Rottweiler even when the dog shakes his coat vigorously. How did these three ever get to be such friends? The cat is very cute washing the dog’s coat too. Very unusual and cheery item. Thanks.

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