Sunday Eurovision Cat

As noted in an earlier post, I am a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest (I love to show it to American guests who show up gushing about the superiority of European culture). The big event is next weekend, so I thought this Sunday I’d share one of my favourite Eurovision entries with you. (Each country selects their finest musicians to compete in one of the biggest television events of the year, and this was France’s 2007 entry.) The cat really is one of the high points. But it’s just one of them.

In case you’re wondering, “didn’t win” rather understates the fate of this entry. But that was obviously a travesty.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Eurovision Cat

  1. It is wonderful; thanks so much for posting this.

    I had completely forgotten about the Eurovision song contest. It’s been decades since I’ve seen one, but it is amazingly unchanged.

  2. JJ-One of the many glories of Eurovision is its timelessness. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Love this !

    Eurovision is so wonderfully gloriously tacky !

    L’Eurochat douze points !

  4. […] Jender has recommended to us the wonders of the contest, Eurovision.  Nations are now in the process of choosing their entries for 2012.  The one for Russia struck me as very surprising.  It may be one of the more subtle protests about Putin (think of his tailored suits), though it seems also a very enthusiastic celebration of women’s craft work on the part of a very modern audience. […]

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