Reproductive Justice Victories in the UK

Good news all round today, as the BBC tells us that the 24-week limit on abortion has been upheld (despite moves to lower it to 22 or or even 12 weeks); and that fertility clinics are no longer being required to consider the need for “a mother and father” when deciding whether to offer treatment. Instead, they will be required to consider the need for “a loving family”.

US readers may experience a bit of culture shock when they learn that the Tory leading the charge against the latter move said the following about lesbian parents: “I hope, like everybody else, we would want any such relationship to prosper and the child would benefit.” There certainly is homophobia over here, plenty of it– but totally blatant expressions of it are far less socially acceptable than in the US.

7 thoughts on “Reproductive Justice Victories in the UK

  1. Justice: such a relative word. I have read your gifted blog (such a disgusting tag) for a considerable period of time and have always been impressed with your clarity and acumin. Today however – I feel – you have slid into the emotive and popular braying; your are juding without experience; a vigina does not give you political power, this you know fom history.

    Not to confuse the issue, you are correct but emotive; lack of clarity (intentionally?) while generating “a” response does not always exact a rational response, I have come to expect more from you. Forgive me for being presumtive. Your use of “child” and “relationships” in this context are intentional triggers (mob tactics).

    You use the word “homo-phobia” with gay abandon. Single sex is as is, irrational fear is manifold and complex and for you to use a collective noun for child rearing is obtuse and irregular. I can sense what you are trying to achieve but you fall foul of “”always”,”them”,”us”,”others”” … As long as you choose sides and do not allow for other qualified contridiction or consideration i.e “Good news all around” you will always be a “an other” femsite. You are too good for this. Please be made aware there many men like me who while (ala Twisty) can be made “aware” at a gut level we always deny. “Long is the road and hard is the path” … shit happens.

    Pink Floyd comes to mind

  2. OK, I’m intervening now to say that it’s time to be NICE again. But redplanet, I’m really not sure what you’re getting at.

  3. Largely irrelevant aside: Leopard (the latest version of the Mac OS) has a built-in spellcheck feature that works in every text input field in any application, as best as I can tell. It’s telling me right now that `spellcheck’ should be two words, for example. (It tells me these things, but I often don’t listen.)

  4. One can also get a spellcheck for a PC Internet explorer by installing the free goggle task bar (or whatever the thing at the top is called). Of course, using it is another thing.

    In fact, I just did, which is why “Internet has a capital “I”.

  5. Trying to be objective, I do not believe that to upheld the 24-week legal limit for abortion is an example of reproductive justice. I would say that it is a legal decision about abortion.

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