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Gay Scientists Isolate the Christian Gene May 25, 2008

Filed under: gender,politics,science,sex — annejjacobson @ 10:01 pm

Thank you, thank you to Human Rights America:




19 Responses to “Gay Scientists Isolate the Christian Gene”

  1. Thaddeus Dombrowski Says:

    Very funny.

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  3. goodbear Says:

    oh that is such a great video.

  4. Curt Says:

    You’re Welcome.

  5. jj Says:


    It is a terrifc video. I hope visitors here click through to Human Rights America (link above).

  6. nQ Says:

    hahaha :D this is a joke! lol! i love the couple “thought they did somethign wrong as children” lol

  7. culturalcapitol Says:


  8. Selena Says:

    Godophobes! LOL

  9. blixity Says:

    excellent! sometimes it takes a flip to illustrate absurdity. just ran into your blog and enjoying it so far. rock on.

  10. mazarella Says:

    aussie tv is the best:)) x

  11. bluewaveted Says:

    Heh, that was funny.

  12. jj Says:

    Thanks to you all for adding to the good cheer!

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    This is a classic! I really hope that as many people as possible see this and spread the….shall I say….word!

  14. paradox(nicname) Says:

    This is too blasted funny! I laughed myself until my tummy hurt. I’m so glad some folks in the world have time to make the rest of us giggle so hard! Cheers!

  15. jj Says:



  16. jj Says:

    Carolyn, thanks for asking. It is a joke.

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