Unexpected Photoshopping

Usually we get stories on photoshopping to make women appear thinner (as well as wrinkle-free, etc). Interesting, then, to see this one about Cameron Diaz being made to look less skinny.
Does this mean that we’ve turned a corner, and that the pressure is no longer on to be thin? Sadly, one suspects not: just that Diaz took the pressure to lose weight a bit too far, which is actually nothing new at all. Indeed, this just demonstrates the difficulty of attaining the “right” body size: “Thinner, thinner, thinner! Nope, too thin!!”

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Photoshopping

  1. I agree with Emilie. “Fresher” (READ: younger) seems to be the overall goal. A young girl will be thin but soft both in her face and in her body. At least, I suspect, that is the perception.

  2. it struck me that it looks like what’s been photoshopped out is what looks like some MUSCLE. Shock horror! Thin, soft, but not strong, seems to be the message.

  3. Having overlayed the two images on top of each other to see what has actually been done, I can’t really see the photoshopping in this photo as making her ‘less skinny’.

    For example, although the hip/thigh has been slightly widened on one side the other side has been left alone; it seems less a case of putting weight on per se than putting a smooth curve from the waist, round the hip and down the thigh where before she had an angle and a straight line.

    Worst of all, it also becomes apparent that the waist has, in fact, been made _smaller_ – just how small must that new waist be when she is already as thin as a rake? The overall effect is younger, smoother, curvier, but overall I think just as thin as before.

    It seems she has had a removal of the more ‘athletic’ (=masculine?) aspects of her body shape and the signs in her muscle tone that a lot of hard work and exercise has gone into creating that body, and I can’t help but worry that the (albeit perhaps unintentional) message is that this fake body is somehow attainable for most women without hours of hard work, deepening the guilt trip for those of us who don’t have the time or money to spend many hours in the gym with a personal trainer.

    If anything I think the doctored image, with the smoothness of a fat layer but the thinness of none (and a waist even thinner) is just as unattainable for most women, and quite possibly more so.

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