A feminist debate on the primary

The LA Times has commissioned Amanda Marcotte and Katha Pollitt to do their ‘Dust-Up’ column for the next week, discussing the Democratic Primary. Two feminists debating for a whole week in a major newspaper– a good thing. But what’s not so good: They’re both Obama supporters, and they’re both white. Isn’t it a bit odd to get two supporters of the same candidate to debate the primary? And especially since one of key issues– right from the start of the discussion– is race, mightn’t it have been a thought to have at least one of the discussants be a feminist of colour? (Especially since one of the discussants has been rather widely criticised for not totally getting the race issues, to put it mildly?)

2 thoughts on “A feminist debate on the primary

  1. “They’re both Obama supporters”

    It’s almost enough to make you think that the newsmedia are biased.

  2. Considering that most of the media figured that Obama would wrap things up tonight, I’m more upset that they picked two white women to do this. Maybe there aren’t any Latinas *cough* or other non-white women who can string two words together.

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