Carnival of Philosophers

First, a general apology. We’re really rubbish at keeping track of the carnivals! But this time we found out about the Carnival of Philosophers because JJ’s got something in it. Congratulations to JJ, and many thanks to Big Ideas for including us! Go check it out– looks like a lot of great stuff to read (if only I wasn’t buried in marking).

2 thoughts on “Carnival of Philosophers

  1. Congratulations to JJ. That’s a good post to get more attention drawn to, and we also hope, more results!

  2. Thank you, Jender and Calypso. I did get some help with the facts on Leiter’s blog. Those who did the counting and dividing decided to remain anonymous, given the negative reactions that had already occurred in two forums. I thought that we shouldn’t lose sight of what their work showed, and I’m so glad it’s gotten this attention.

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