I’m happy to officially inform you of a conference for Fall 2008 (November 13- 15, 2008) – on GENDER, CREATIVITY AND THE NEW LONGEVITY.From the Women;s Studies program at the University of Houston.

The conference will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, artists and practitioners to consider the social and personal consequences of the new longevity. What will it mean both for individuals and for the wider community that so many are living into our 80s, 90s and beyond?

How does this huge transformation in the life course affect existing notions of aging, community, health care, work place policy, aesthetics, and family? How does gender affect experience in all these realms? How can we address the inequitable impact of class on lifespan? What changes in policy, in research focus and in our shared concepts of aging and the life course will best serve our transforming community now and in the coming years?

Katha Pollitt will be our keynote, on the evening of Thursday Nov. 13.

In addition there will be linked art exhibition at DiverseWorks, opening on November 14, curated by MaryRoss Taylor and entitled THRIVE!

Demographers, health researchers, cultural critics, economists, philosophers, sociologists, artists, policy analysts, religious thinkers, social workers, city planners, etc are invited to participate.

Please send one-page proposals by JULY 15, 2008 to:

GCNL Conference Committee, Women’s Studies Program, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-3005
or Fax to 713-743-0931
For more information visit or call 713-743-3214