Hillary and Sexism, continued

Gotta balance that Maureen Dowd out with someone more thoughtful, articulate, and generally worthy of our time, Melissa McEwan:

I’m not sad because Obama’s the nominee.

I’m sad because there are women at this blog, in my personal life, across this nation, and—if my inbox is any indication—across the globe, women of all races and sexualities and socio-economic classes, many of whom weren’t even Hillary Clinton supporters, many of whom voted for Obama in the primary, who have watched with horror the seething hatred directed at Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman.

I’m an Obama supporter, and I’m sad too.  


Some have called for Obama to give “The Gender Speech”, along the lines of “The Race Speech” given before.  It would be great to see his eloquence put in the service of feminism, but I doubt that he’d have the same sort of insight on the topic.  Still many are saying that he will need to really reach out to women.  I sure as hell hope it’s not just the usual “Hey, gals, ya gotta vote for me because of THE SUPREME COURT.”  

8 thoughts on “Hillary and Sexism, continued

  1. May I suggest BO keeps his “Feminism” opinions to himself? He’ll only exacerbate the HUGE problem he has. His speeches are wearing very thin (just words) and that speech would fall on deaf ears, I promise you. A speech like that would only make matters worse. NOTHING he can say now will ever bring women back to the corrupt Democratic Party, ever. And he can’t win without us and knows it.

    We already know the BO campaign was going to win at all costs and clean up the remains after he won. The BO campaign has already said they were planning on , and I quote, “playing the Roe v. Wade card.”

    Sorry. That’s not going to work this time around. No wedge issue will ever make right what they have done. If Roe v. Wade goes, it goes. If the SCOTUS turns Right, it turns Right. Easy come, easy go…just like the women, working class, the Italians, the Jews, the bitter voters, the rural voters, the typical white voter, the religion clinging voter, the Catholic voter and the gun clinging voter. There’s no one left to vote for BO except the AAs and the so-called “creative class.” Good luck with that.

    Hillary supporters will be voting for McCain as a vote AGAINST BO. The Democratic Party has been warned and they best heed the warning.

    Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.

    This isn’t about Hillary anymore. This is about a corrupt Democratic Party. Republicans steal elections, not Democrats and they chose the wrong group to steal an election from.

  2. Why should “Vickie”‘s over-the-top, barely concealed racism (yes, racism–or racial resentment, if you insist) be respectfully tolerated on this blog? She is clearly projecting when she directs the win-at-all-costs charge against Obama.

    Sorry, “jj.” It is one thing to be angry about sexist, jerk pundits hating on Clinton. It is another to suggest that Clinton has been a victim of grave injustices that may have cost her the nomination–and that Obama is somehow to blame (other than by being uppity enough to win).

    I suppose it’s obvious to any reasonable person that there was no conspiracy against Clinton within the Democratic Party establishment: she and her husband had been that establishment. Many of Clinton’s most strident supporters, following the grave mistake of her campaign, appear not to understand how the party’s nominating process works apart from superdelegates, especially via caucuses. Then, again, if “Vickie” and her ilk were within the realm of the reasonable, they would know that “AA””s and “the creative class” could not possibly by themselves have nominated Obama. Or maybe what “Vickie” really means is that she is upset that “AA”‘s have significant influence, as the most reliable group of Democrats, within the party.

    It’s a shame to let a purported commitment to feminism be used as cover for what must really be motivating this particular kind of anti-Obama sentiment.

  3. Hi everyone. It’s now time to end this thread. (And don’t just move this to another one!) Thanks :)

  4. I don’t know what to think. Clinton as a poster-woman for the empowerment of women has always felt a bit weird to me, but the outpouring of gender hate in this campaign has been brutal. A lot of that came from people supposedly in love with Obama, but I have no trust in their commitment. Reading these calls to vote for McCain so that Clinton has a clear path 4 years from now are just painful though.

    Speaking of grievous harm, seeing the feminist community even contemplate endorsing someone with the conservative record McCain has is beyond ugly. And coming on the heel of BFP’s retirement, it raises uglier questions. This is a cheap shot, but cheaper ones where fired then, and this seems to me far too close to demanding that women of color make an impossible choice between race and gender, which is an utter denial of who they are. And that is not just sad, it’s far worse. Have we come to this?

    On a more positive note, I went to a free concert this weekend and saw first hand the crowd response to “yes we can”. Where I live — France — the celebration and castigation of ’68 was supposed to be the big thing, but Obama stole that show. I have never seen this, people actually hugging strangers, people from different countries — Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Angola, Algeria, Morocco, Japan by my count only. There was a sense of hope around that guy that was just amazing — unwarranted, but it was clearly not about him, but about us, or rather about them, I’m just too old to be a part of it. The downer being that I could tell Americans from our shared sense of doom, that it was as good as it would get, and that it would be downhill from then on. McCain isn’t as bad as Bush/Cheney still are, but still… What a waste.

    I just wish that women who feel betrayed would commit to politics in the long run whether or not they vote for McCain. Not just organizing but also running for office. So that Clinton’s legacy can be inspiring a long overdue sea change and not just more division and bitterness.

  5. Oops, sorry about that unwelcome posting, Jender. I got a phone call mid-rant and pressed “post” before seeing your call for sanity. Please feel free to delete my comment, I would if I could.

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