Mentoring and Diversity

Sophia Wong has posted a short essay on “how to mentor someone who doesn’t look like you”, but as she notes the issues are much broader than those related to appearance– how, for example do you mentor a student with kids if you don’t have kids?  Or a trans person if you’re not trans?  A disabled person if you’re not disabled?  Since under-represented groups *are* under-represented, people from the better represented groups need to do some thinking about how to be good mentors to those unlike them.  And Wong lists some simple, useful tips.  Go check it out!

4 thoughts on “Mentoring and Diversity

  1. Thanks, Jender. It looks good to me!

    Yesterday I was talking to someone who had just done phone interviews with a group of potential postdocs with a women’s studies department. She commented that none of them had any knowledge of the city the dept is in. My first reaction was amazement – how could they not know they shoud look it up before the interview. And then I realized that it might be just another aspect of the way women are ill-mentored way too often. A mention, one would hope, would tell them about such things.

  2. one thing I have discovered in trying to help people locally and around the world, that there is a lot more similarities than we realize, and there are common human experiences in everyones background. I like this thought that we need to learn how to do this. I believe it is an overestimation of diversity to say that because I have not experienced what someone else has I can not help them. If that were the case, most of what is being done in the world in humanitarian ways would stop completely. I say, lets figure it out and go for it!

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    You should be able to just click on the link in the post (the words ‘short essay’). Let me know if that doesn’t work!

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