NOW call for action

Here’s the call for action:

Support International Women’s Health Services
Restore funds for the United Nations Population Fund

Millions of girls and women around the world are suffering and many are dying due to deplorable reproductive-related health services and they need our help.

Contact your senators and tell them to join Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in sponsoring and supporting the United Nations Population Fund Restoration Act of 2008 (S. 2682). This legislation will provide funding to the United Nations Population Fund in order to distribute medical equipment, establish maternal health services, distribute contraceptives, and promote the abandonment of female genital mutilation and child marriage worldwide.

Women around the world should be able to have children and raise their families without the fear of disability, suffering, and death. A woman’s right to safe and sufficient health services is a human right. All women should be able to live healthy lives and enjoy their sexuality and child bearing years free from forced pregnancies and the dread of disease and death.

At the bottom of the page, NOW have an electronic form for e-writing your senators (linked to here and in the message). It looks as though the appropriate senators are determined by your address, so expats might need to work that issue.