Well, that didn’t take long.

Obama monkey dolls are being marketed.

And Fox news has called Michelle Obama Barack Obama’s ‘baby mama’ in their running caption.

Yeah, Gloria. Blatant racism would *never* be displayed the way blatant sexism has been in this election campaign. We’re SO past all that. (Damn, back to the marking now.)

Update: In case you’re wondering, the folks making the Obama doll say their intent is not to offend

Our objective is three fold:

1} Provide a cuddly toy for the millions of Obama fans to take a little piece of their favorite candidate home with them.
2} Have a means for children to become a part of the political process with a cuddly plush toy all their own.
3| Contribute a pivotal article of presidential election memoribilia.

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  1. I am concerned that we are in for a “two-fer”: the slime machine will continue to make both blatant racist and sexist comments about Senator Obama’s wife. Look at the recent faux news claim that Michelle Obama is Barack’s “Baby Mama”, which seems sexist as well. In the months that follow, Michelle Obama will get the same sort of treatment that HRC got in the nineties, and for the same reasons: she is a smart, outspoken, and accomplished woman. (I hope that those Clinton supporters who are justifiably angry about how sexism in the media aim affected HRC’s campagain focus some of their fire at those making despicable comments about Michelle Obama, rather than pointlessly attacking her husband.)

  2. (The above parenthetical remark was badly put. I didn’t mean to suggest that all Clinton supporters are attacking Barack Obama or anything of that sort. I just wanted to suggest that one way to productively channel the justifiable frustration many people feel is to push back against the media, so that something that happened to HRC in the 90s doesn’t happen again to Michelle Obama. I hope that makes more sense.)

  3. It is so interesting (if also awful) how these things work. A 2006 Slate article reckons that “baby mama” and “baby daddy” have lost their previous associations and aren’t negative and/or linked to African American anything.

    One use by Fox can start changing that right away.

  4. WOW! I can’t believe that someone would actually make a monkey Obama doll or should I say TheSockObama. Many, me included, think that this is completely inappropriate and racist. The first and most obvious offense is that the doll is a black monkey, how could Obama not be offended by being compared to a black animal? Secondly the name in and of it itself could be considered offensive. Although, the makers of this doll would presumably defend the name saying that it simply describes the type of doll that it is, a sock puppet/doll. However, the name also seems to be a little bit anti Obama. Generally people, sock/punch someone that they do not like, support, approve of or are generally against. There are pictures of President Bush online making various facial expressions and comparing him to a monkey, but there is no monkey doll for Bush. I am not saying it was right to compare Bush to a monkey, but at least no doll exists. However, there is an Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush doll. So why is it that our white president gets to be portrayed as a heroic man who will fight for his country while a black presidential candidate gets to be portrayed as a monkey? It is ironic too that this is how Bush is portrayed considering his questionable military service in the past, but that’s a whole other blog.

    The makers of TheSockObama said that their intent was not to create a product that would offend, but a product that could be cuddly, allow children to get involved in the political process and be a contribution to presidential election memorabilia. I think that these three objectives are ridiculous. I think that they are just in this to make money and someone involved in the conception and manufacturing of this monkey doll probably did want to cause an uproar. If the creators are being truthful and meant no harm then I think it is sad that not one of the creators was intelligent enough to realize that this doll could be seen as offensive and was probably not appropriate to create. How does something like this get past the brainstorm stage? This product may be cuddly and it could very well become infamous presidential election memorabilia. However, the idea that a monkey sock doll made to vaguely and degradingly represent a presidential candidate could get children involved in the political process is absolutely ridiculous. Children do not get involved in politics and if for some reason a sock puppet would do the trick then they are probably getting all the wrong ideas and “involved” in all the wrong ways, HELLO perpetuation of racial stereotypes. In general, I think that this doll is offensive and that the creators should stop selling and definitely stop profiting off of this doll. If they really wanted to make amends and prove they have nothing against Obama then I think they should take all of the money they made and donate it to his campaign.

    I have attached links about the Obama doll, the Bush doll, TheSockObama’s creators comments and Bush being compared to a monkey.




  5. JJ– I’ll believe that ‘Baby Mama’ is non-pejorative and not linked to African Americans when I see Fox using it in a caption for Cindy McCain.

  6. The SockObama is inappropriate, because people should realize that some things offend. If it offends, try your best not to do it.

    If you can get past any racist tainting you might have, either from being a racist, or from being easily offended, you would see this as being a cute little toy.

    I don’t even notice Barrack is black, I see him as being human. Yes, even liberals need to stopdwelling on the fact he is black. I don’t think about his skin color until the media points it out. Besides, isn’t he half white. Why do people keep insisting he is black, when he is just as much white?

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