Media Watch

Further to Jender’s post (and from the comments), What about our daughters  are monitoring the media coverage of Michelle Obama here:

The site is dedicated to tracking the media coverage, serving as a ‘repository of the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent’ they say.

This seems like a good resource for keeping tabs on the media. As has been noted in previous posts, it’s all very well for people say there’s been  no sexist coverage, or no racist coverage (yeah, right, as our bloggers, amongst others, have pointed out). When the coverage is stuck together, it becomes clear just how atrocious the media has been. 

Note: they want volunteers to help them keep track, so if you want to sign up, go here.
 Once again, one hopes they’ll have only fair and measured coverage to track. One fears not.
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CFP: Feminist Ethics and Social Theory

For a Special Issue of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

FEAST: Current Work in Feminist Ethics and Social Theory

Edited by Diana Tietjens Meyers

This call is for the first of two FEAST special issues to be hosted by Hypatia. This issue will appear in January-March 2010.

This is an open issue, and all FEAST members are invited to submit their work. At the 2007 conference, we had a wonderful array of theoretical and applied papers. Conference themes included the following:

$ virtue ethics

$ care ethics

$ responsibility

$ violence and bigotry

$ testimony and story-telling

$ justice and ethics in interpersonal relationships

$ international justice and human rights

$ terrorism and national security

$ stem cell research

$ sex, gender, power, and solidarity

$ Beauvoir and Arendt

Throughout the conference and in diverse ways, speakers underscored the relations between theory and social processes and between power, experience, and moral philosophy. I would like this special issue to mirror the scope, as well as the depth, of what FEAST members are contributing to philosophy. The themes I have listed illustrate the range of conference papers. Submissions on other topics in feminist ethics and social thought are welcome.


Diana Tietjens Meyers

Professor of Philosophy

University of Connecticut

Storrs CT 06269-2054

office phone: 860-486-3587

shared fax: 860-486-0387