Susan Faludi has got an interesting article out (thanks, Sally!) arguing that Obama is being slurred as excessively feminine.  And, well, hmm, Buzzflash (a left-wing organisation that loves Obama) now has the above fridge magnet for sale.  From them, of course, it’s not a slur.  But it could still be a mistake.  Just in case you don’t know what it’s referencing, it’s this:


Anyway, looks like Faludi is right.  The gender politics portion of this election is SO not over. (As if it ever is.)

2 thoughts on “Uhhh…..

  1. I’m so glad you picked this up. It’s a very interesting article.

    She stresses the idea that he’s not fitting into the warrior narrative, unlike so many of the other recent competitors for the US presidency.

    The latest right-wing radio rumor about Obama I’ve hear is that he’s a homosexual or, as the govenor of Calif puts it, a ‘girly man.’

    By the way, the Buzz people in the site you linked to say the magnet is “campy and fun.” Interesting election strategy.

  2. Indeed. I’m all for the campy and fun, but maybe not so much as an election strategy. Still, it’s a fridge magnet, and I suspect most of those getting to see the fridges of campy Obama fans won’t be too put off.

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