7 thoughts on “Experimental Philosophy and the Absence of Women

  1. I must say, I was underwhelmed with the “advent” of x-phi, since it has always seemed to me that feminist philosophy was doing this for decades before it became a ‘thing.’ The value of intuition, practical wisdom, nonspecialist and multiple meanings, practice informing theory? This is old news to feminists, isn’t it?

  2. Actually, scratch my last comment, since visiting the experimentalphilosophy blog clarifies why I consistently misunderstand what x-philers take themselves to be doing. And yet I wonder if the misunderstanding is, itself, instructive. Best to move these musings to that blog, so I’m off!

  3. KN: There’s going to be a session on neurofeminism at the Christmas APA – it will be a session of the society for analytic feminist philosophy. I think that some of the speakers will address the very considerable overlap between recent cognitive neuroscience’s conclusions and views feminists have argued for over the decades.

  4. Women are just more sensible than to engage in X-Phi. Let’s concentrate on getting women represented in good areas of philosophy!

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