On the necessity of ingesting semen

Marie Stopes was a leading British campaigner for family planning, and Marie Stopes clinics are a major provider of family planning services in the UK. Like many early advocates of family planning, Stopes held some appalling eugenicist views, even disowning her son for marrying a near-sighted woman and breeding inferior stock. That’s well-known. What’s less well-known is her view on the ingestion of semen. Crucial for a woman’s sexual health apparently. A woman who doesn’t get enough semen into her body from her male partner is at risk– her sex drive will run wild, and she may even turn to the vices of lesbianism or masturbation.

Can anything be done? Of course, self-stimulus, or masturbation, is extremely common… Masturbation is always unsatisfactory… Another practical solution which some deprived women find is in Lesbian love with their own sex…

But these will never satisfy:

…homosexual excitement does not really meet their need for the physiological fact (I have never yet seen it clearly stated anywhere, but it is of the greatest importance in a consideration of this problem) is that… a woman’s need and hunger for nourishment in sex union is a true physiological hunger to be satisfied by the supplying of the actual molecular substances lacked by her system… the chemical molecules produced by the glandular systems of the male.


It has been found possible to prepare some at least of the very molecular compounds really nourishing to the woman’s system, and which she lacks and requires.

That’s right ladies– artificial semen for you, in capsule form! And she even gives a recipe (though sadly it’s not made from ordinary household ingredients).

(Many thanks Stella, for passing on this wisdom! Quotes are from Enduring Passion, 29-32.)

15 thoughts on “On the necessity of ingesting semen

  1. This may not be that off base according to Dr. Winnifred Cutler – except for the part about masturbation and lesbianism.


  2. And, BAD NEWS, the Victorians were right in thinking that masturbation could cause severe eye problems. Nystagmus, or an involuntary back and forth movement of the eyes, can be caused by an excessive relaxation of the nervous system, due to a whole lot of masturbation.

    A colleague of mine is an expert on Nystagmus and in trying to find out what it is, I ran across this startling fact.

  3. “A woman who doesn’t get enough semen into her body from her male partner is at risk– her sex drive will run wild, and she may even turn to the vices of lesbianism or masturbation.”

    Ugh. What creeps me out is “vices of lesbianism.” This is lame, and a total hoax.

  4. jj,
    I presume that takes a hell of a lot of masturbation ?
    I would guess it is just a matter of everything being bad in excess.

  5. Fascinating strange fact, JJ! I had always figured the masturbation-blindness belief got started from someone not washing their hands and getting a nasty eye infection.

  6. CNZ: I think it is very rare. It would take enough so that one’s nervous system is deeply affected. It’s pretty clear eye doctors do not look at people with the condition and think, “I know what you’ve been doing.”

    Jender, that might also be a link. It’s a nice hypothesis.

  7. hmmm… semen pills…
    Yeah… ok…
    I’d rather just masturbate and take my chances with the lesbian “vices.” Plus, I don’t think my HMO would cover a semen pill. And I don’t want to ask for that at Walgreens. lol

  8. It doesn’t require monogamy?!? Why, yes! You should not switch brands! And, please, under no circumstances use a generic type of semen pill…

  9. Curiously, there is a connection between levels of zinc and levels of happiness. I am no scientist and can’t remember how this works but it was in the Guardian so it *must* be true. Semen, apparently, is rich in zinc.

    It’s great… My boyfriend’s had daily blow jobs and I’ve come off the anti-depressants. Still, there’s something about all this that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  10. Well, I’ve provided semen for a number of girlfriends and a wife of 20 years, not at the same time of course. My ex-wife ingested plenty of ejaculate two or three times a week for those 20 years and remained in the peak of health. One day, she expressed that she did not like swallowing all that semen anymore. There was also plenty of intercourse and cunnilingus to provide her orgasms. Within two years after she left me, her health had plummeted and she seemed to have aged far beyond her years. Ten years later, she looks like a very old woman today, at age 58, according to her family. I cannot guarantee that a lack of sperm had anything to do with it, however. All I can say is that all girlfriends and my ex-wife were always healthy and vibrant during our relationships.

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