4 thoughts on “Do female academics have fewer kids?

  1. The comments below the article are very interesting. There’s one horrible one that might be meant to parody ‘the scientist’s’ view.

  2. If you are interested in this topic, you should at least skim the 184-page original report on the COSWA 2008 Survey of anthropologists. The demographics indicate that the respondents were 70% female and 30% male. This contrasts with an American Association of Anthropologists 2006 Survey of Anthropology departments indicating that they had 43% female and 54% male faculty members.

    Additional interesting information in the COSWA Survey tells us that the 2006 AAA Survey of departments indicated that tenure track/tenured faculty were 59% female and 37% male. (All faculty were 52% female and 46% male.)

    In the background of the COSWA Survey is the fact that 71.5% of it’s respondents were cultural anthropologists, 15.8% archaeologists, and 7.0% biologic anthropologists. This contrasts with the 2006 AAA Survey of departments that found that 46% of faculty members were cultural anthropologists, 26% were archaeologists, and 14% were biologic anthropologists. It should be noted that these three professions make very different professional and personal demands on their practitioners.

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