Harvard and Women’s Studies

Crosscut Seattle  tells us that Harvard has finally gotten its act together on feminist and women’s studies.

I was pleased to see that Harvard has updated its curriculum. Under former President Larry Summers, Harvard neglected feminist and women’s studies. Fortunately, under Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard has added 30 new courses this year.

Kudos to  Harvard, their new female president, and to Crosscut for understanding the importance of the change.

Belated thanks to DD, for this good news and for her fascinating blog, Reading Animals.

O, one last thing:  it doesn’t seem philosophy has been involved in the change.  I hope nobody is going to fall back in surprise at this.

3 thoughts on “Harvard and Women’s Studies

  1. The author of the original CrossCut post made his statements quite facetiously, me thinks. But the additions to course offerings are important just the same – as are the differences between disciplines and departments that are stepping up to offer the courses, or failing to do so.

    Many thanks for the nod/link.

  2. Debra, I wondered about that, but then I noticed that he didn’t do what such writers typically do do, which is put in some snide comment about how Harvard is valuing such courses over ones in science, maths and so on.

    You do have a great blog, in my humble opinion!

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