Computer game tells ten-year old that she’s fat

Not sure how this had escaped my notice up until today, but for those of you who have similarly been living in some metaphorical broom cupboard for the past couple of months (and thus been oblivious to the news), it appears computer games are now going round telling our youngsters that they need to lose weight. The Wii Fit by Nintendo calculates players’ BMI and categorises their bodies before setting them various agility tests. Sadly, Nintendo classifies players whose BMI is within a certain range as ‘fat’. It should be noted that children’s BMI cannot be accurately calculated in the same way as it is for adults. Moreover, some researchers also think that the BMI is a bad indicator of health, even for adults as it does not take bodily composition into account. But these worries about the BMI aside, there are enough pressures on children – especially girls – to look a certain way without being told they’re overweight by computers. Shame on you, Nintendo!

Read the Metro article here.

4 thoughts on “Computer game tells ten-year old that she’s fat

  1. Thanks, Rachel, for that link.
    Gotta love what passes for entertainment these days. The Wii Fit demo online actually has a picture of a young girl using the aerobics setting of the “game”. I wish ESRB ratings included a self-esteem factor- warning: this product may make your children think that they’re fat and worthless.

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