I’m Back

And I had a lovely time. Eagerly, I looked to see what had happened on the blog while I was gone. And there was much that was good. But not all. Whoa. Looks like it’s time for a reminder to BE NICE. And perhaps a clarification of what that means. One key bit of it: Assume good will and a genuine desire to understand on the part of your interlocutor. We all make mistakes, and one of the great things about blogging is how easily and quickly these can be pointed out. And we here at FP are very grateful to you when you point out our mistakes. But there’s a difference between pointing out mistakes and making conjectures and accusations about our motives. The former is great. The latter is not. You may not agree with these rules, which is totally fine. But they are in fact the rules HERE. If you want to talk somewhere with different rules, it’s very very easy to get your own blog at wordpress.com. Let us know about it, and we’ll even link to it and send readers over.

Now back to the fun! Sorry for this methodogolical interruption to your regularly scheduled substantive blogging.

6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. As a testimony, I’ve been guilty of crossing the line of acceptability more than once. Being called to order by others on this blog h

  2. has been a most rewarding experience. It has been humbling at times, but these were well deserved and a learning opportunity which are rare and precious.

    People, please be nice. Whatever it costs you is small change compared to what you can get out of an adult conversation. There’s only so much to get out of confrontation, and it doesn’t amount to anything in my experience.

  3. … meaning around here there’s much more to experience. I’m grateful to the people on this blog for putting up with my drivel, but now is the time for a reinstall — famous last words indeed. Wish me luck or wish me gone, it’s all in Bill’s hands now.

  4. counterfnord, I hope that others will not mind my hastening in to say you have to be THE LAST person anyone would think was out of line. I am totally certain you are not on ‘the list’.

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