No to Kaine

Apparently Obama is seriously considering Tim Kaine as VP. He is the Democratic Governor of Virginia, a key swing state. His views on abortion were said in 2005 to “roughly in line” with those of George W. Bush. He’s really into anti-gay dogwhistles. He has expressed rather Bushie views on the Iraq war.

We really shouldn’t have to point out to Obama why Kaine is a seriously bad idea. But if the rumours are right, we do have to do it. Here’s where to go.

2 thoughts on “No to Kaine

  1. I am not as familiar with Kaine as I obviously need to be but I looked into his public record and though he is for “faith based reasons” against abortion and gay marriage, he isn’t interested in overturning Roe v. Wade (good luck trying to those who are) or in defining marriage as between a man and a woman. His public record says that he opposed a law which would define it as such.

    Though, it is probably just as important to note that he did get a large majority of the Republican vote when he was running in Virginia. There has to be something to that as well.

  2. This is a bit in response to Lena: I take you point (I hope), but one of the things to worry about with someone like Kaine is what sort of compromises he’s prepared to accept. He might not be prepared to try to overturn RvW, but what might he concede in some power trade-off?

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