Women in prison

Also in the news today:

Ministers are also taking a new look at the system which has seen a sharp increase in women in prison in the last decade. 

I found this article interesting but frustrating: the implication is that some women are getting unduly harsh sentences, the recommendation being that more community sentences rather than prison terms should be given. But one wonders: is this judgment of undue harshness because of:
a) a comparison with sentences given to men for comparable crimes (no comparative figures are given);
b) a recognition of some of the circumstances of vulnerability that has (sometimes) led women to break the law (this is briefly mentioned);
c) assumptions about women’s role in childcare (which they cannot provide if they’re in prison, and which is mentioned).

Haven’t had time to do any more digging on this, so just some thoughts…

L’Oreal in whitewash trouble

L’Oreal have come under fire for lightening the skin tone of Beyonce Knowles in their adverts.  

In this report:

“Shevelle Rhule, the fashion and beauty editor of Pride, a lifestyle magazine for the British black community, said: “We know that this is fairly common practice but that doesn’t make it excusable.

“This sort of thing creates a negative perception of African beauty. It’s an attempt to impose European values on African beauty.”

Ban on date rape drugs

First of today’s stories from the news worth sharing:

In revisiting the classification of a range of drugs, ministers in UK parliament are intending to ban some drugs used in plastics which double as date-rape drugs. GBL, which leaves victims sedated and vulnerable to assault, has effects the same as those of the more commonly known, and already outlawed date-rape drug, GHB.

Steps are also being taken to make the possession of steroids illegal. See here for an older report on some boys taking steroids and endangering health to impress girls.