The Sunday church cats

In at least one Western religion, manifestations of the divine are likely and perhaps even frequent.  Cat fur is not exactly usual, but I say, go for it!


Once I was sent the video above, I was inspired to revisit the  fantasy that a whole cat might be a manifestation of the Blessed Virgin. 


Rosemary, aka Mary of the Rose, is an elderly siamese cat whose present health and vigor, after several near dealth experiences, has been labelled ‘a miracle’ by her health provider.  On our last visit a number of the staff came into the waiting room to declare their surprise at her remarkable state.  Well, you get the idea.  She does have the air of an unlikely being.  She will also bring a list of directives, which is the whole point:

Encourage gay marriages

Ordain women priests

Promote contraception

Stop bombing people

(Thanks to Kathy Ward for the video and hooray to  her niece, Becca Ward, for her bronze metal at the Olympics!)