3 thoughts on ““Majority of Americans Say Racism Against Blacks Widespread”

  1. Nice question; I was being sloppy. Nonetheless, we know just from what’s said on the right wing radio/TV news that among those who think it isn’t wide-spread some say that racism is in the past and there isn’t any in the states. When pressed, they usually say that maybe there’s some in states like Mississippi, but not in many places.

    I think that there’s another way in which people who think it is not widespread think there isn’t any of something. People who see racism as wide-spread may not see it as encoded in institutions, but at least they are very likely to know that many institutions have racist problems. People who don’t think it’s widespread typically don’t see kinds of institutions or services as infected with racism. Or, I should say, at least in my experience.

    Of course, the worrying thing about all this is that we almost all of us affected by the racism of the society and if we don’t know this it becomes harded to refrain from acting on it.

  2. It’s unfortunate, but everyone is a little racist and or discriminatory in some way or fashion. Yes, most of white America is at least suspicious of black culture because of a an assumed difference in goals, motives, life styles, and etc.; but people are allowed to think whatever they want in private, just as long as they keep any harmful thoughts and words out of view from the public.

    Thanks for running this site, it gives people a chance to think about and hear things that aren’t necessarily main stream.

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