Appalling judgment rectified

Report here on the successful appeal of a rape victim who was told that her compensation, from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, would be reduced by 25% having been told that  “the evidence shows that your excessive consumption of alcohol was a contributing factor in the incident”.

After appeal, the CICA “has issued a statement acknowledging it should not have happened in any case and confirming it is not its policy to reduce compensation for rape victims because of alcohol consumption.

“The Ministry of Justice also said it was not its policy to “reduce the level of award to a victim of rape due to alcohol consumption.

“This stance supports our view that a victim of rape is not in any way culpable due to alcohol consumption.” “

2 thoughts on “Appalling judgment rectified

  1. I was appalled when I heard this story this morning. I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone here that a woman is not raped because she gets drunk; she’s raped if a vile monstrous man (not all men) believes that violence against women is acceptable. Alcohol is a pitifully poor excuse for anyone to use.

  2. […] Feminist philosophers reported, a little while ago, that in the UK victims of rape have been considered 25% culpable for the crimes committed against them if they were drinking- at least for the past year, anyway. Now, the claim is that this was never the policy of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. But it took the successful appeal of one victim to bring them to the conclusion that this in fact is what the policy states- and hers wasn’t the first appeal. […]

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