If contraception is abortion…

then so are breastfeeding and exercise. William Saletan at Slate draws out the consequences of the proposed definition of ‘abortion’. A sample:

Thousands of people working at hospitals, lactation centers, maternity-product retailers, drug stores, and supermarkets are presently required by their employers to participate in breast-feeding, either by teaching it or by providing products that facilitate it. Those who refuse can be terminated at will. They endure this discrimination despite clear scientific evidence that breast-feeding poses the same abortifacient risk as oral contraception.

Thanks, Rachel!

3 thoughts on “If contraception is abortion…

  1. That’s really funny. Although while this shows the idiocy of the extreme conservative position, it looks like there’s still a stable partly anti-contraception position. The obvious thing for the anti-abortion crowd to invoke in response to the breastfeeding and caffeine cases is double-effect; but then while they will lose their argument against most forms of contraception, they will still be able to make an argument against the morning after pill. So I wouldn’t like to rest too much of the anti-anti-contraception argument on this kind of parody argument.

  2. Fortunately (?), the particular definition being used is not a standard one. Wouldn’t want to rest too much on the parody, no, but it was fun.

  3. The proposed changes to the definition of abortion (by governmental agencies) and the accompanying attacks on contraceptions as being ‘abortion-centric’ (my coining, I believe) are, effectively, plays for power first rather than being the result of a stated respect for life.

    This stuff makes me so I angry I could spit verbiage.

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